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EMAIL: info@dinoslatrobe.com

3883 ROUTE 30 EAST | Latrobe, PA 15650
PHONE: (724) 539-2566 | FAX: (724) 537-7644

1020-5 Towne Square Drive | Greensburg, PA 15601
PHONE: (724) 691-0182 | FAX: (724) 691-0184

Kitchen Hours:
11am-11pm (Mon.-Thurs.),
11am-12am (Fri.-Sat.),
12pm-11pm (Sun.)


5 Comments so far:

  1. Ashley Muscarella says:

    Just talked to Dino himself and I have never been happier after issuing a complaint. He heard everything I had to say, listened and explained the problem, and offered his sympathies. Extremely professional and an exemplary way to handle customer service. I am very please after talking to him and I will be returning to Dino’s to give them another shot.
    Thank you so much Dino, keep up the great work. Your business’s name is well represented.

  2. alex giobbi says:

    Thank you for placing an ad in our Dante Alighieri Scholarship program book. I had lunch at Dino’s in Greensburg today and my meatball sandwich was very good. Service was also very good. I left a program book at the restaurant. Thanks Alex

  3. RICK MORAN says:

    Absolutely wonderful service! Food was great and our server Jenna was fantastic. I love coming here, what a great atmosphere to watch sports.

  4. Stormin' & Butch says:

    My wife was introduced to Dino’s before I met her and she loved it. After we met we had to go to Latrobe one day and after we were done she wanted to go to Dino’s and so we went. I also fell in love with Dino’s. Now every time we are even close to Latrobe, we go to Dino’s. Some times we even make a special trip which is about a 70 mile round trip for us. We go for the wings. They are the best wings that I have ever had. We love the popcorn also. 🙂 The atmosphere and staff are great. Thanks Dino’s.

  5. David says:

    Just as I have complained about Greensburg Dino’s I will write and tell you what an improvement. We have been there a couple times since I wrote and complained of the food service etc. but you have made great strides in the correct direction. Service food and wait staff have greatly improved. Happy happy

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